(Stizostedion Vitreum) “Pungent Throat - Glassy”

The Walleye fishing in this part of the James Bay Territory falls under the category of “as many as you want to catch” when it comes to numbers and size of these swimming golden delicacies. Flowing water, diverse bottom structure and rocky shoals form the perfect Walleye habitat. Each of these criteria contributes greatly in perpetuating healthy spawns. Any and all fishing patterns such as jigging or deep water trolling produce incredible yields of Walleye in these fisheries. The James Bay Territory possesses 3 color fazes of the Walleye under belly including white, gold, and blue. The average size Walleye in the region runs between 3-4 pounds with many larger taken in Lake Evans (10+ lbs.) and the Eastmain camps of Kamwak and Clarkie.


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