Fishing Outposts

Panoramic hills and picturesque vistas provide the backdrop of this beautiful vast wilderness. The outpost facilities feature lodge-like accommodations in a remote bush setting. Relax in the comfort of warm rustic cabins that include hot showers, electric refrigerator-freezers and lights. The kitchen facilities are fully equipped with propane ovens and stoves along with all of the necessary utensils. The outdoor BBQ grills make surf and turf night a delight. Each camp is equipped with satellite phone and SSB sideband radio communications for emergency use. Professional camp caretakers tend to the needs of the clients to help ensure a safe and productive fishing adventure.

The outpost camps are situated between the 50th & 52nd parallel in the northern region of the James Bay Territory. Weather conditions can change dramatically without much warning.

One can expect high temperatures to average 50 degrees F during the beginning and end of the season (early June and late August). Lows have been known to go into the 20s & 30s with snow and sleet during early June in the Bush. However it is not uncommon to see highs in the 70s during the same time period. Mid-July and much of August bring highs in the mid to upper70s with 60s at night in the Bush. Heat waves are prevalent in the north during the summer months. Rain is always expected the entire summer coming off of the Bay in the region. You must prepare yourself to be comfortable in a wide spectrum of weather conditions no matter what week you are scheduled for on your trip.

Lake (Lac) Evans

Lake Clarkie

Lake Kamwakuskach (Kamwak)

Lake Pukuch


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