Northern Pike

(Esox Lucius) “Water Wolf”

The single most sought after game fish by anglers globally. This aggressive lure striking predator conjures stories and dreams without rival. Pike of epic proportions lurk in the clear waters of the James Bay and Hudson Bay territories and entice sportsmen to deploy all of their fishing knowledge and techniques when engaging the “Water Wolf.” The abbreviated thaw season of the region promotes the slow and steady growth of these dominating sport fish.

The Master Angler Pike has become the benchmark for the species and are landed and released with astonishing regularity at the outpost facilities. Several of the coveted 50 inch, 30 pound monsters are caught every season to help establish this as the ultimate Pike fishing destination.

The season is divided into three distinct fishing patterns for the Pike.

June (Post Spawn) finds the large female Pike in the shallows where they absorb additional heat and protect their territory from intruders. Numbers of fish landed are high with a wide variety of sizes. Casting spoons and fly-fishing streamers are the most popular presentations.

July sees the targeted quarry dropping off to the first tier of structure, where a Pike may stage several times during the day in search of bait fish. Vegetation cover is an added aspect while fishing in these Pike ambush zones. It invites the use of surface lures (Buzz Baits) which lends a sense of excitement to casting in lily pads, grass and Pike cabbage. Few fishing experiences match the exhilaration of a violent top water strike. Trolling drop-offs is also an effective means of covering a lot of productive water.

August introduces turnover and finds the Pike returning to their late June routine. During this time of the season, Pike are generally larger from “packing it in” for the oncoming cooler weather.

Silver Pike World Record

Lake Evans is home of the current world record Silver Pike.  more>


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