Lake Trout

(Salvelinus Namaycush) (Troct-A) “Greedy Fish”

The territory boasts an immense population of world class Lake Trout that is rarely seen outside of the northern region of western Canada. They are perhaps the most underrated game fish in Quebec. The northern portion of the Province has long produced excellent Lake Trout fishing with it’s crystal clear waters and amazing depths. Lakers are the undisputed top of the food chain in the waters they inhabit.

The “Grey Trout” has always taken a back seat to the Speckled Trout in popularity. This trend is rapidly changing, however, with an increased awareness of Lakers and what they represent in sheer power and stamina. The remote fly-in outpost camps, Kamwak and Clarkie, are consistently producing Northwest Territories class Lake Trout in the 30+ lbs. range. Early season finds the Lakers in the inlet and outlet rapid systems and present a terrific challenge on light spinning gear or flies. The immense channels entering and exiting these outposts hold an abundance of Lakers throughout the entire campaign. Trolling depths range from 14 to 27 ft. in the moving current. The main lake has many rock crop-ups with great perimeter water depths for deep water presentations.


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