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Lake (Lac) Evans

Simply the most prolific Pike fishery for average size in the Province of Quebec! Three distinct outpost camps (Crow Bay, Kirk Island, and Southwest Bay) boast fully equipped cabins and great fishing boats. Nourished by the mighty Broadback and Theodat Rivers, Lake Evans is the perfect Pike habitat. Fish the endless bays of Kirk Island and Long Point which hold Master Angler Pike throughout the entire season. We are happy to announce that Bushland  manages the only outfitting rights on Lake Evans.

Crow Bay

Lying at the base of the Broadback River inlet system, Crow Bay is the perfect combination of moving water rapid fishing while having access to the main lake. The endless nooks and crannies of Long Point and Northeast Bay produce terrific Pike and Walleye numbers throughout the entire season. Many of the famed “Lake Evans Silver Pike” are landed and released at these locations. Crow Bay represents one of the primary spawning grounds on Lake Evans.

Kirk Island

Better than ever. The facility features a brand new luxurious client’s cabin rebuilt in 2014. This outpost has acquired legendary status amongst the most prolific Pike producers in North America. Nestled at the outlet system of the mighty Broadback River, Kirk Island affords anglers a wide spectrum of opportunities ranging from river fishing to open water presentations. Shielded by variable topography from the effects of the predominant northwesterly winds, Kirk Island enables clients the privilege to explore this expansive fishery in safety and comfort. New records of 30 in. & 10+ lbs. Walleye were landed at Kirk Island this season.

Southwest Bay

This all new facility features a state-of-the-art cabin with all of the amenities. Anglers will have unlimited access to the main lake and all of the untouched honey holes without the wind and waves to contend with. Many of the southwestern spots of Lake Evans have not been fished for years and are awaiting anglers to rediscover this dynamic territory.