Lake Clarkie

This lake has long been the favorite to many anglers, including Steve Pennaz of North American Fisherman, who featured it on his ESPN show. Clarkie has more variances in structure than any lake of its size that we know of. Jim was the first to explore this pristine body of water and is still finding new “Honey Holes” throughout the venue. Excellent Pike, Walleye and Laker fishing with one of the most comfortable camps in the north. The Clear River system allows unlimited access to several adjoining lakes near Clarkie and provides seven distinct rapid systems to navigate. The undulating bottom structure encourages a wide spectrum of deep water patterns. Lying within the Weh-Sees Indohoun (Home of the Species) Territory of the Cree Nation makes Clarkie one of the most protected and exclusive fisheries in North America.


6993 Deer Path Lane • Olmsted Twp, OH 44138 US