6993 Deer Path Lane • Olmsted Twp, OH 44138 US

General Terms and Conditions

The fishing policy is “No Kill” Total Catch and Release on all Northern Pike and Speckled Trout at the outpost camps. This means no Pike or Speckled Trout are to be kept or taken out of the Bush for any reason. The enforcement of this policy ensures terrific world-class angling for generations to come. Clients are permitted to consume Walleye and Lake Trout less than 3 lbs. for shore lunch and dinner while on your trip.

Clients must prepare their lures with single hooks.

Please separate bottles and cans from the trash at camp so they may be removed from the bush for recycling. Your cooperation in keeping the camps neat and clean is greatly appreciated and will make for a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Please try to avoid glass containers when at all possible.

Under no circumstances discard glass containers into the Bush. They pose a great threat and danger of Bush fires due to the focusing of the sun through them. (The glass acts as a lens.) Under law a conservation officer has the right to deny glass containers in the Bush if there is a fire ban on due to extremely dry conditions.

Please do not discard any food remains into the Bush. This only attracts bugs and animals. Do not burn any plastic or paper garbage in the fire pit at camp. They are used for cooking as well as warmth. The caretaker has a burn barrel for the garbage and will handle that responsibility.

Please do not leave any unattended open flame in or out of the cabin at camp.

Guest are responsible for all damage to equipment when fishing without a guide. Normal wear and tear will be accepted.

No firearms of any kind are permitted at the camps.

Should illness, safety or other personal reasons necessitate the evacuation from the Bush prior to the scheduled departure from camp, the cost of additional airfare is the sole responsibility of the clients. The expense is due and payable at the base.

We will supply each group with the number of boats and motors as listed in the brochure and package literature. Usage of additional equipment will not be permitted without prior arrangements and payments to the main office.