Fishing Information


Lake Evans and the Eastmain clients can get their licenses at the Shell Station in Matagami (Open 24 hours a day) while refueling for the trip north to the Kilo 237 or 372 bases. The Nord Select store in Matagami is also an option. If you cannot make the 7:00 A.M.–10:00 P.M. window to purchase the license, arrangements can be made to pre-make the license for your arrival in Matagami at Shell.


All spoons, spinners and inline spinners must have single hooks. No trebles are allowed. The caretaker and base manager have the right to inspect your tackle. Only small body baits generally used for Walleye and Speckled Trout are allowed the use of micro treble hooks and a limit of 2 are permitted. (i.e. Rapalas, Bombers, Stick Baits, Hot-N-Tots, Shad Raps, etc.) Minnows, trot lines & live bait (worms are authorized) are not permitted in the Zone.


When landing a gamefish please adhere to these simple rules:

  • Never hold the fish by the eyes and do not drag the fish to shore. (Sand in the gills will kill the fish and damage the skin and scales.)
  • Do not allow the fish to rest on the seats or the bottom of the boat. The flopping will damage the fish. (Remove the lure in the water whenever possible.)
  • The protective membrane that covers the skin of a Pike is there to combat infection and disease. Do not hold the fish next to your clothing when removing the lure or while taking a picture. Try to hold the fish horizontally instead of vertically to prevent compressing its organs.
  • Rule of thumb: When you land a fish, hold your breath. When you run out of oxygen, the fish has brain damage. 30 seconds is the longest you should ever have a game fish out of water.
  • Have hook outs and camera ready before you land the fish.


Bushland Adventures has pioneered the “No Kill” Total Catch and Release policy in Quebec. We pride ourselves as being the first outfitter to implement this policy on Northern Pike and Speckled Trout in the Province. Being anglers ourselves and having participated in Sport Shows for 3 decades, we have had the privilege of seeing the efforts of the most noted taxidermists in the country. The graphite reproduction is the soundest method of supporting the Catch and Release program available. We highly recommend Artistic Angler out of Minnesota for your trophy. Please contact Matt at 800-544-7466 for a free brochure on the subject. (You receive an outfitters discount rate if you mention Bushland Adventures.)


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