Let’s face it, most of the time that matters the most to you on your fishing vacation is spent in a boat. Three components make up the level of your satisfaction. 1) Is the boat dry and stable? 2) Does the motor run efficiently? 3) Am I still going to talk to the guy I have to stare at for the next seven days when I leave? We can help control the first two, but you’re on your own with number 3. Bushland & Eastmain have the finest boats made for a “Bush” operation at all of its outpost camp facilities. The 14 & 16 ft. Lund is recognized as the standard of excellence in fishing boats and has a proven track record for stability, durability, and rough water handling.

The Outfitters received considerable pressure to invest in local brands that we felt were not up to the standards of a Lund. In fact, we incurred the substantial added expense of transportation and traveled outside of the Province to procure the fleet of boats for the Lake Evans and Eastmain outposts. Safety on the lake is number 1 with our company and it starts with the Lund boat. All Bushland & Eastmain boats are equipped with life jackets, anchors, swivel seats, 20 hp four-stroke Yamaha motors and Humminbird fish finders for our guests’ fishing comfort.

Bushland matches the performance of a Lund boat perfectly with the dependability of the 20 hp four-stroke Yahmaha outboard motor. The Humminbird Fish Finder provides unsurpassed performance amongst tournament quality fish finders. This combination has been extremely successful for decades by providing the ability to cover great distances of water in a fishing day while adhering to a fuel efficient formula considering today’s fuel costs. Each engine is equipped with a protective “Rockhopper” lower end guard for boating safety. All packages are configured to accommodate 2 anglers per boat to maximize the boats’ capabilities.


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