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Angler’s Forum is about you, our valued customer, who takes angling seriously. It is an open venue for those who are interested in sharing their fishing experiences. Many of us have the same passion for the “bush” and everything that goes along with it. We realize there are basic traits that every fishermen displays when discussing the sport.

  1. We all have a yearning to learn new techniques and gather as much information about the wide spectrum of angling possibilities that are out there — both salt and freshwater. This includes casting (baitcasting & spinning), deep and shallow trolling patterns, fly fishing, and conventional practices (ultra-light to heavy gear).  
  2. We all like to share our success stories about what works (rod weight, lure selection, colors, types of line, leader lengths, etc.)
  3. Some of us, when telling fish tales, enjoy embellishing, exaggerating, fibbing, or just plain lying about what was actually caught and where.
  4. In today’s “Dare to compare” world, we all appreciate getting recommendations and references from sources that do not have an ulterior motive, when it comes to choosing the fishery you want to visit.

Only a few guidelines to follow when participating in message board communications. Please do not get caught up in subjects outside the sport of angling. No unacceptable language or detrimental personal comments about a guest in the chat room. By all means have fun and let the discussions begin.


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