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     When It Comes To Trophy Fishing in Quebec

                                              We Stand Alone
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   World Class multi-species angling in Quebec's far north

Bushland Adventures features unmatched Northern Pike fishing through exclusive fly-in only outpost packages. Bushland brings avid sportsmen the opportunity to experience this majestic north country like never before. Come live the dream of total seclusion and tranquility while immersing yourself in this wilderness region. Witness the thrill of battling Master Angler Pike while surrounded by vibrant imagery and nature. The Bushland staff has three decades of experience in the exploration of this territory in search of the most productive fishing venues. We have been rewarded for these efforts with unsurpassed success in trophy potential. This is the motivating force behind our commitment to outfitting excellence.

Bushland Adventures

Lake Evans is back home where it belongs! Bushland Adventures is proud to manage all the assets of Bushman Outfitters and North American Bushman. This includes the ONLY outfitting rights for Lake Evans which represents one of the most prolific Pike fisheries in North America. Lake Evans has long produced record numbers of world class trophy Pike with its endless bays and dramatic structure.
       Lake Evans has been hailed as one of the top 5 Pike waters in North America by yielding hundreds of Master Angler Pike annually. Three outpost camps, Kirk Island, SW Bay and Crow Bay will be open on Lake Evans for the 2016 season. Lake Evans' loyalists will enjoy many new improvements, including more liberal weight limits and equipment upgrades.
    The fishing season for Lake Evans commences on June 1st and concludes on September 7th. The new hydro-base, located at kilo 237 north of Matagami features flights to Lake Evans every Saturday. By
managing the assets of Bushman Outfitters and North American Bushman, Bushland will be able to continue the strong tradition that sport fishermen have come to expect on Lake Evans. 

Pristine Waters, Unspoiled Nature:

See the sub-arctic as you've never imagined - breathtaking scenery, ancient native cultures, teeming wildlife. This is the domain of the elder Cree trappers who have lived off the land for hundreds of years. Black bear, moose, woodland caribou, mink, and otter sightings are frequent occurrences in this bush land territory. Record numbers of 40" to 50" Northern Pike have been caught and released in these waters in recent years. Anglers are forever employing new pike fishing patterns from ice-out to turnover. The deep, cold waters of the Lake Evans and the Eastmain venues promote strong fishing productivity throughout the entire outfitting season with negligible drop-off during the mid-summer days.


"Hard to get to .... Harder to forget!" can't wait to get back on Lake Evans - Dave Mosher

World-Class Angling, Trophy Fish.

Unspoiled nature, solitude, and the opportunity to experience legitimate world-class angling. These are the key components of a quality remote fly-in adventure. The pristine waters of the Broadback & Eastmain River basins in northern Quebec have long produced prolific multi-species fishing. Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, and native spawn Speckled Trout comprise Quebec's version of the Canadian Grand Slam. Few waters in the north offer such versatility with true trophy potential. We welcome you to the James Bay Territory.

"Dozens of pike between 40-45" for the week...50" monster topped the list...most walleye ever! Crow Bay on Lake Evans is by far our favorite pike fishery."- Dr. Dave & Tim Forthofer, Cleveland, OH 

First Class Camps & Equipment:

First class equipment enhances the sportsman's stay in the "Bush". Bushland Adventures features state of the art float plane service with speed and safety in mind. The Alaskan Beaver is the standard of wilderness air travel by delivering unsurpassed performance and reliability. New 20 hp 4 stroke Yamaha outboard motors along with 14' and 16' Lund boats, swivel seats and Humminbird tournament fish finders ensure a safe and comfortable day on the water. Speaking of H2O, the camp facilities now feature hot showers and running water to the cabins.  Have we gone too far? The new facilities feature waterless urinals for clients convenience. Each camp is equipped with new Honda EU3000 whisper generator power for the electric refrigerators/freezers and lights that add to the list of dependable gear. For summer outdoor cooking convenience, BBQ grills have been provided which beckon new recipes for grilled or broiled Walleye and Lake Trout. Unlimited fuel is supplied during your stay in the outback to encourage the exploration of this vast water system. 

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2015 Report! 

We are happy to announce that Bushland  manages the only outfitting rights on Lake Evans which represents one of the most prolific

Pike fisheries in all of North America. Call for the last remaining 2015 reservation slots and visit us at a sport show near you in the Bushland Adventures booth. We will be attending the Cleveland Outdoor Show (Show featured 30 ft. booth) in Jan. at the IX Center, Eastern Sport Show Harrisburg, PA in Feb., the Allegheny Sport Show at the Monroeville convention Center and the Springfield Mass. show. Looking forward to seeing you there and talking about the Bush.

52 Inch Pike

Native Spawn  Brookie

Personal Record

Early August Pike


    Lake Evans 48 In. Pike 

A Breeder Not a Feeder

Abundant Walleye Angling

Terrific Pike Production 

Caniapiscau Ounaniche

Lake (Lac) Evans Monster

Lake (Lac) Evans Aug. Pike

World Class Pike

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